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Welcome to KMS Hayloft!

There was a miscommunication on the 2nd cut timothy hay, and my hay hauler, through no fault of his own, brought me the wrong hay from the stack. I am currently suspending sales on 2nd timothy until I get the right hay.  It's really nice hay, but not as coarse as you guys who want the 2nd timothy need it to be.

I need to get a container in here, get the wrong hay out of the barn, and get the right hay delivered. I cannot give you a time frame. I have always been super honest with you guys and this has been a nightmare.  Please bear with me as I fix this.

I have purchased hay that will be in our barn on Sunday Sept 10th.  We will not ship any order containing this hay until at least Monday the 11th.  Please read the description of this new hay on the "Early" 2nd cut timothy hay. 

Beautiful 2017 bluegrass is in!

Sadly, we are also totally out of 3rd cut timothy as well.  If the weather cooperates and crops do well, we will be looking at getting it back in the barns around the beginning of October.  Will keep everyone posted on this. Please check out our new "early" 2nd cut timothy hay!  I think you 3rd cut people will love this.

In 1999 my daughter wanted a guinea pig.  At that time I joined a guinea pig board to get questions answered about Mo's illness.  I developed a great relationship with hundreds of people and also gained a vast knowledge of guinea pigs.

This started a venture that is still growing and thriving today. I realized that the area I live in, the Pacific and Inland Northwest in Washington State, grows, sells and exports more hay than anywhere else in the nation.

 I started this business with a few goals in mind:

  • Provide only the best quality products
  • Keep costs as low as possible
  • Be fair and honest
  • Develop a relationship with my customers
  • Build a name and brand that is trusted

    After I started selling the hay I felt the extreme need (with a lot of prodding from customers and friends!) to develop a superior quality pellet at the best price possible.  If I could not make a great pellet at a reasonable price I wasn't going to do it. In my opinion, there are way too many low quality and inferior pellet products already.

    After more than 15 years in business and counting, we have accomplished this goal and my principles still stand.  I have thousands of happy customers and that makes their two legged caregivers happy as well!

    I have said it a hundred times, and it's true, I have the best customers on the planet.  The pictures, reviews, letters and notes are all amazing and they make my day. 

    Thank you to all my customers for your continued loyalty.  We love what we do!