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We FINALLY got our bluegrass. It should arrive sometime this weekend =) We will work 5 days a week until we are caught up with orders and SO appreciate the patience and overall grace of our customers who have been waiting for weeks to get it in.

This bluegrass is a bit weedy. I haven't personally seen it but our owner Linda has and she says while there are a few weeds mixed in they are not nettles or stickers of any kind and 94% of the hay is gorgeous bluegrass. Please note we will not be refunding bluegrass orders for weeds this season as there is nothing we can do to stop the weeds when we never spray ANYTHING on our hay.

We have also gotten word that our 2nd timothy is ready =) It will be in the barns in the next week (I swear this time!!) and according to Linda, the brown issue is almost completely gone. This hay is gorgeous and green from what we've seen so far. I myself have not touched or seen the interior of the bales but the very moment I do, I'll update the front page with regards to coarseness, stemminess, seed heads etc. I know a lot of you were waiting for a new, softer, more typical 2nd timothy harvest and although Linda thinks we've found it she was looking at hay stacks 3 stories high so the interior was not accessible. Please check the front page or email me and I'll let you know what I think as soon as it gets here. In the meantime, feel free to order the 2nd timothy as needed.

IMPORTANT!!! We still have 2013 2nd timothy in the barns. If you do not care which harvest you get, order as normal. If you WANT 2014 HARVEST 2ND TIMOTHY, YOU MUST SPECIFY THAT IN THE NOTES OF YOUR ORDER. Any orders WITH NO NOTES will ship out as 2013 harvests. We will not be refunding or sending replacement hay if you've ordered the wrong hay by mistake.

It's time to make room in our barns for the 2014 harvest hays! 3rd timothy is going on sale as much as 5 dollars a box. Get it now while we have it in stock! The prices have been set accordingly on our site and we will not be refunding any previously placed orders.

From our families to yours, please have a SAFE, warm, cozy autumn and we hope your lives are filled with as much joy and family as ours are. We've always said we have the best customers on the planet and we LOVE what we do because of you and your animals and families.

I LOVE getting pictures of my furry 4 legged customers as well! Feel free to send me pictures of my happy 2 and 4 legged extended families. It's my goal at some point this holiday season to set up a page with pictures for everyone to enjoy if my beloved web guru Lyn can help us with that =)

Linda, Nessa, Lyn and the KMS Hayloft crew =)

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