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UPS shipping tool not working correctly but you can order.
Please be patient while UPS updates the shipping module and how it works with our catalog. A series of events have delayed us from providing feedback for their proposed changes by a couple weeks, so UPS decided, with no warning, to arbitrarily pull the plug on the system we have successfully used for the past two years. No completion date had been specified so this was completely unexpected.

We are working with another company to try to get this done, but I can tell you now (and you can see) it has not been seamless. You should now be able to at least choose UPS as a shipping option. I fear the prices will be wildly incorrect and this may cost me hundreds of dollars until we get it right, but at least you can order. Please be patient with us as our goal is to have the new system work properly. I hope the new system is completed and running in about a week (the end of January).
Update for Saturday, January 23


Our Timothy Choice Pellets Are Here!
We have pellets! Thank you all for your incredible patience. I know this has been a very trying time for everyone and I appreciate you all waiting for so long.

We have 165 pellet orders pending, but we will be totally caught up with those orders by Wednesday and then be caught up with this week's orders by Friday.

Thanks again! I literally had 2 people cancel out of all those orders. I tell everyone I have the best customers in the world and it is so true.

May 2016 be a fantastic year for us all!

Linda and the Hayloft crew
Monday, January 11th

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