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We hope to receive some really good news this week from UPS. A new program should allow us to ship lighter boxes at a flat rate with no residential charge! This may reduce costs by at least $4 for packages under 20 lbs. Cross your fingers this works out! Shipping should also be much faster, reducing it to a maximum of 4 days. I will post on the front page and send emails when this finally comes through. I always pass on to you my volume discount so the greater the savings, the better!

Also, for anyone else who is ordering any size boxes, they have a new program with “access points”. So if you are willing to go into town to an "access point" near you, your shipping costs may be reduced by $4. I have no idea how this one works yet, again, news should be this week with pricing, etc. If you remember, I had been talking with FedEx because of the sky high charges from UPS. I hope these new UPS programs work out!

Now for the bad news. I can’t find any bluegrass that I think is worth selling in 3 states. It is just not available and I have dozens of people looking for me along with my own detective work! We should get new cutting in July, I know it is a long time, but I am not going to sell you anything I wouldn’t feed my own pigs. I don’t think you are going to get really nice bluegrass/orchard hay from anywhere in the state. I have looked at my competitors hay and that was the hay I returned to the grower because it was not acceptable to me. I’m so sorry, I really have tried all year.

For those of you with allergies, I encourage you to try some of the 3rd cutting timothy. My barn worker is deathly allergic to 2nd timothy, but the 3rd timothy doesn’t bother her at all since it contains no seed heads and very little dust, so give it a try! I offer a free sample for just the cost of shipping which is $6 for a really good handful.

Enjoy the season! We are so behind on the farm property due to the warm spring, and it looks out of control. Lots of hours with tons of equipment to make it look pretty again :-)

Thank you all so much for your incredible loyalty. 14 years and counting!

Linda, Loren, Lyn, Sammi, Chris, Sarah, and occasionally Nessa when we she gets time from the babies.
Wednesday, May 11th

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