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We are starting our pre-sale on bluegrass hay for 2014 harvest!

Thanks for all of your patience while we found new hay. This hay is gorgeous and will start shipping out no earlier than Friday August 8th, but feel free to start ordering now. Please note that any orders containing the new bluegrass and pellets will not ship until the bluegrass gets here, so if you need pellets now order them separately.

We look forward to getting new 2nd in soon and will send another email when that is in!

Linda & Nessa and the rest of the Hayloft Team

Anyone placing their order this week July 15th-July 20th will ship no earlier than Monday July 21th. We are awaiting a fresh batch of pellets. If you need your hay immediately and cannot wait, we ask that you place separate orders for hay and pellets. ALL ORDERS CONTAINING PELLETS AND HAY WILL SHIP TOGETHER IN ONE BOX WHEN PELLETS ARE IN."


Please be advised that though this 2nd timothy is gorgeous, each bale has about 15% brownleaf in it. We will NOT be refunding for brownleaf this year in the 2nd timothy. After weeks of not being able to find any, we are very pleased to have this hay.

As a reminder, for those of you that have been ordering bluegrass and 3rd cut timothy, this hay is not the same texture! As with all 2nd cut timothy hay, this has thin pokey stems and small seed heads. It also has a really good amount of beautiful green leaf. For those of you that want a coarser hay, you will love this.

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