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As most of you know if you subscribe to our newsletter, we are building a new website and had hoped to launch it June 17th. However, we can't do it yet because the new program can't seem to figure out how to make the shipping charges correct. As soon as that is done (I've been waiting for the experts to fix it now for more than a week) we will be moving to the new site and new server. During that time, there could be a service interruption of between 2-48 hours. They tell me that 4-8 is normal, but I just want you to know in case you try to order in the next couple of weeks and can't find us. We'll be back up at some point. For now, continue to order as usual because the old site is still up.

Linda, Loren, Lyn, Sammi, Chris, Sarah, and occasionally Nessa when we she gets time from the babies.
Tuesday, June 21th

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