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Out of Bluegrass
We are totally out of bluegrass. If I find some really nice stuff in June (1st cutting) I will get it, but even bluegrass in 1st cutting has some stem. If I wait until 2nd cutting, it will be July or August. Sigh.

INCOME TAX SALE! (4/16 through 4/23)
But now for some good news! We are having an Income Tax Sale! It will start on Saturday the 16th and run until Saturday the 23rd. I will change the prices on the site on Friday the 15th or Saturday the 16th, when I get a minute to do it.

May Change Shipper
Also, we are having so many problems with UPS that I am actually talking to FedEx about switching. The shipping prices are never right and you may have noticed that I am refunded constantly when people order. The pricing is off and the length of time it takes UPS to deliver is ridiculous. It is not uncommon if people order on a Friday and for those who live across the country, to have a 10 day transit time. That is crazy.

For those of you that don't know yet, Sammi is running my facebook page. Just log into facebook and search for kms hayloft and it comes up (I hope, not my area of expertise! :)

From all of us at the Hayloft, thank you all for your wonderful loyalty, we have so many great customers. Have a great summer and I will update things as necessary.

Thank you!

Linda and the Hayloft crew
Friday, April 15th

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