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From now until we make enough room in the barn for 2014 harvest 3rd timothy, we are having a 2013 3rd timothy sale! Boxes are reduced by as much as 5 dollars a box. Order now before the sale ends =)


This is one of the very best ways to save huge amounts of money all year long! With our prepaid Customer Incentive Program we give you 10% back on any prepaid money you send us. You send funds via check or Paypal and we deposit it into a prepaid account for you and add 10%. Throughout the year you can use these funds for all of your orders. The money covers shipping and products so nothing is excluded.

Example, you send us a check for 100 dollars. Your balance would start at 110 dollars. You place an order for 60 dollars, and choose "CIP" as your payment method. Then your next order is 50 dollars. We would ship your order, concluding your prepaid account balance. If your second order goes over what you have remaining, we would ask you to send the remainder via Paypal and then we would ship.

We only hold this promotion once a year (if that) and your funds never expire so it's a great way to save a lot of money. There are no limits on what you can send. Some people send exactly enough for one order, others send us enough to cover them for the entire year! The more you send, the more you save during the following months.

This CIP promotion will go from 9/13/14 - 9/20/14 ONLY.

Please send funds to linda@kmshayloft.com.
PLEASE NOTE, ALL CIP FUNDS ***MUST*** BE MARKED AS SUCH!!! In the notes of your payment please write "CIP FUNDS - YOUR FULL NAME - 2014" Any payments not including this info might not be seen by yours truly (Nessa) and I would hate to miss anyone's CIP!! It's very important that you mark it correctly for me. Feel free also to shoot me an email with a heads up on how much you sent if you want also, as a backup =) I will make every effort to catch them all.

Feel free to send us emails with any questions as always. Have a great rest of your weekend and we look forward to hearing from you!!


Thanks to everyone who was able to patiently wait for the new bluegrass. We got our full shipment in Tuesday September 2nd! Unlike the previous hay we mentioned as being weedy, this hay is STUNNING and has NO WEEDS or brownleaf. I would say on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, this hay rates close to a 9. We were extremely lucky to get this quality bluegrass and hope you enjoy it! Good bluegrass is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Our 2nd timothy this year is gorgeous so far. ALL green, and the leaf/steam ratio is much closer to 80/20 this year instead of the 60/40 of last year's crop. It is gorgeous and has tons of seed heads as well! Perfect for those of you who loved previous harvests of 2nd but were put off by last years brownleaf and stem issues.

3rd timothy continues to grow in the fields! We couldn't ask for better weather and hope for a bumper crop this year. We will update you one last time when 3rd is in but we expect it to be close to October as usual.

From our families to yours, please have a SAFE, warm, cozy autumn and we hope your lives are filled with as much joy and family as ours are. We've always said we have the best customers on the planet and we LOVE what we do because of you and your animals and families.

I LOVE getting pictures of my furry 4 legged customers as well! Feel free to send me pictures of my happy 2 and 4 legged extended families. It's my goal at some point this holiday season to set up a page with pictures for everyone to enjoy if my beloved web guru Lyn can help us with that =)

Linda, Nessa, Lyn and the KMS Hayloft crew =)

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