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It didn't take long before I realized I was feeding my guinea pigs some of the best hay in the country. I listened to friends complain about the variable quality of hays purchased from reputable companies and heard them ask where I got my hay when I'd share a photo of one of my pigs. This led me to take a second look at my fabulous hay. I found that this region exports and sells more hay than any place else in the United States and I was sure this was due to high quality. I sent samples to friends and with their encouragement, gave up my job and went into the hay business full time.
Satisfied Customers

My customers tell me this is some of the best hay they have seen. But looks aren't everything. It's the happy pigs that keep them coming back. I hope you'll try our hay, whether you have a guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla or degu.

And here are a few comments from this discussion:
  • Our guys absolutely LOVE IT!
  • My guys are nuts for Kleenmama's bluegrass.
  • Woohoo!! Just got my first shipment of Kleenmama's hay. I got 5lbs of the bluegrass, and 5lbs of the timothy, just to see which one CP likes best. So far I've only given him the bluegrass. He loves it!
  • The pigs were so delighted.
  • My Bluegrass arrived yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful! And so soft. My pigs love it! Thanks Kleenmama!
  • My I may have to make a permanent switch from timothy hay.
  • Hey KM, my pigs love your bluegrass hay, but my cat loves it more...
  • I got your hay!! It's great! Thank you very much!!
  • KM, finally served up some of what arrived yesterday, and guess what--they loooove it. Three sets of little jaws are workin' away just as fast as they can!

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