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  • How do I store my hay?

    Hay needs air to breathe. Hay should not be allowed to get wet and should never be stored in closed, airtight containers or plastic bags. Moisture, if present, can promote mold. Select a location that has good air circulation and low to medium humidity. Living spaces that are air conditioned and heated are the best choice.

    When you receive your hay, completely remove the plastic bag it was sent in, and return the hay to the shipping box or place it in an open Rubbermaid container.

  • How long can I store the hay? Will it go bad?

    With proper ventilation and storage, hay can stay good for up to a year.

  • I don't know which size to order, in what size boxes do you ship your hays?

    • Bluegrass Orders:

      • 5 lbs is a 12*12*12 box
      • 9 lbs is a 14*14*14 box
      • 15 lbs is a 18*18*12 box
      • 25 lbs is a 18*18*16 box
      • 45 lbs is a 18*18*24 box

    • 2nd/3rd Timothy Orders:

      • 5 lbs is a 12*12*12 box
      • 9 lbs is a 14*14*14 box
      • 15 lbs is a 24*18*10 box
      • 25 lbs is a 24*18*12 box
      • 45 lbs is a 24*18*20 box


  • How do I store the pellets?

    Pellets can be stored in a dry, airtight container. As always, make sure that the pellets do not sit in direct sunlight. Do not allow them to get wet.

    You can also store your pellets with KMS Hayloft air tight containers with lids & scoops! These durable cute containers have a scoop inside for easy distribution of your pellets and snap air tight to keep your pellets fresh. Containers are white so sunlight won't diminish the stabilized Vitamin C no matter where you store them!

    When you order your 10 lbs pellets with this handy container, they will ship inside so you don't even have to transfer your pellets before you can use your new container! =) Container is approx 10" X 8" X 10", and has a carry handle for ease when transferring your pellets from room to room, or cage to cage.

    At this time these handy storage containers are only available with the purchase of your KMS Hayloft Pellets.

  • How long does the Vitamin C last in my pellets?

    We guarantee the Vitamin C in your feed for 225 days when stored properly.

  • Can I refrigerate/freeze my pellets?

    Pellets should not be frozen since the pellets can absorb additional moisture during thawing. In addition, our stabilized Vitamin C is not guaranteed if the pellets are frozen. Refrigeration is also advised against due to moisture issues.

  • Are the pellets only for guinea pigs? Do you have a rabbit formula?

    At this time, the Timothy Choice and the Alfalfa Complete pellets were specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of cavies (guinea pigs). They are both guinea pig feeds. Having said that, we have thousands of rabbit, chinchilla, and degu owners (and one turtle!) who feed these pellets to their animals. They are safe and nutritious for all small animals. As always, we recommend that you ask your vet before switching feeds.


  • Are there any local stores where I can buy your products?

    Not at this time.


  • I know I have an account, but it keeps saying my email address isn't registered. Why?

    In July of 2011 we launched our brand new website and the new website didn't keep any of your information from before. If this is your first time logging in since July you will need to re register as if you were a new customer just this once. We're very sorry, but we can no longer access your old order records.


  • How can I receive updates to new products and product availability?

    Sign up for the Newsletter! Simply log in to your account ("My Account") to subscribe and unsubscribe.

    In the past we used to send emails to every single customer in our database. This process was very time consuming and our email program couldn't handle sending that many emails at once. Starting September 1, 2012 we have been only sending you email updates if you are subscribed to the newsletter. We only send out approximately 4 - 7 emails a year and all of these contain information about new hay, sales, or new products! If you have not been receiving emails and would like to receive them, you can do so from the My Account section after logging in. If you're receiving the emails and no longer wish to receive them, you can unsubscribe to the newsletters in the same place.


  • I don't have a Paypal account, how do I pay?

    You don't need a Paypal account to use our payment system. Simply choose Paypal as your payment method (for eChecks, debit and credit cards) and it will take you to a fully secure screen that allows you to pay using those methods without signing up for anything.


  • Can I call you and place my order over the phone?

    Not at this time. We regret that we have no way to process your payments over the phone. We are always happy to assist you via email with the ordering process, but need the record of your order and payment on our website for tax purposes.

  • I placed my order and now I want to make changes to it.

    No problem! We can edit your orders for you. Drop us an email and we will be happy to assist you!

  • Can I choose USPS instead of UPS if I want to pay the extra charges for shipping?

    No, USPS is for AK, HI, PR and orders outside of the United States only.

  • Why can't I track my order on!

    We have a new system for tracking the packages. Previously you could track your package straight from our barn. UPS does not provide tracking updates until the package arrives at a major processing center. We are working to fix this. But we want to reassure you that if you have received a ship notice, we did ship it so it is in transit. We apologize for any confusion.

  • Can I contact UPS with instructions for my package?

    UPS offers MyChoice, a free and easy electronic way to view your shipments, monitor your delivery dates, and update your information online or from your smartphone. Using MyChoice, you can track shipments sent to you not only from KMS Hayloft but from any company that ships UPS, all in one convenient location.

    Besides telling you when the package will be delivered, you can leave your driver delivery instructions, electronically sign for your packages, or request that UPS hold the package at their facility until you can pick it up. You can even get alerts to let you know it's coming that day.

    MyChoice will NOT allow you to change your delivery address after your order leaves us (we are charged $15 to change the delivery address in transit), but it does provide information to help you schedule your time.

    Go to and sign up today for a free MyChoice basic account!

  • Do you ship hay and pellets to foreign countries?

    We do! At this time we do not ship hay outside of the United States, but using USPS we can ship pellets anywhere in the world. Just email us with your full name and complete address for a quote. We have found that the most cost effective way to ship pellets internationally is to use a flat rate box, and ship 20 lbs or 10 lbs at a time.

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